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LDS Pandemic Planning:
Home & Family Preparedness
Personal Hygiene
Workplace Preparedness
Personal Protective Equipment
Sheltering in place
Social Distancing
Health Care Worker Preparedness
Infectious Disease Cleanup
Great Shelter In Place Video

Preparedness Links

The Survival Toilet
Drying Fruits and Vegetables
Drying Fruits and Vegetables Video
Easy Fire Starter
Complete Guide To Home Canning
Some Overlooked Survival Items
"Poor-Boy" Emergency Power
Water: Storage and Emergency Use
Where to Begin
72 Hour Kits
First Aid
Thinking About Pets
What About Money?

Our Mission

This web site is dedicated to sharing information that will help you better prepare for disaster. Earthquake, Flood, Fire or even economic to mentin a few.

Certainly one hopes never to be caught in any disaster, however being prepared in advance can save a great deal of hardship later. If for some unforseen reason you meet with misfortune, any degree of good preparation you will give you greater peace of mind.

Dedicated To Sharing

Here is an opportunity to read what ideas others are willing to share and to share yourself. Everyone has some ideas, however no single person has all the ideas. The more we share the better everyone will be prepared. Learn to become self-reliant Learn to provide for yourself. Learn what to hold in reserve. Learn to count on yourself.

You can't do everything, but you can do something. Study what can be done then do what you can a little at a time focusing of moving toward a higher level of preparedness.

Preparation eliminates fear!

"If ye are prepared ye shall not fear!"